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Fear Of Flying

2012-07-08 13:35:10 by Thenumber23pwnd

Fear Of Flying
Well the band split up and as a gesture of good faith that maybe other people will like our music I am uploading the album for free on Newgrounds exclusively. I may upload it on youtube eventually but for a while this will be a Newgrounds exclusive. Please listen to each of the songs either labeled Fear Of Flying or FOF and tell me what you think. there are 4 in all.


2010-07-08 11:33:51 by Thenumber23pwnd

If the world had never been created the galaxy would escape its impending doom.


2009-04-29 16:26:06 by Thenumber23pwnd

is it just me or do very awesome music come through here that is not recognized by the outside public or people who could steal this stuff and make a huge hit out of it but no they are not made to success very sad for example DJ Pinke her song sundance is awesome something you would hear from a professional or like the games that come through here only so far has Tom gotten a few games made into big system ones really how could new grounds get itself noticed by these kinds of companies


2009-04-01 17:02:03 by Thenumber23pwnd

everything i post on here is good and im sure of that but well not all of it but most and there are people who zero bomb my projects making them look terrible then its a target for blamming