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Chiptune Black Dog Techno Song
Chiptune the Brick Wall Techno Song
Chiptune The Black Parade Classical Song
Chiptune A New World Techno Song
Chiptune Master Of Puppet Techno Song
Chiptune The Equinox Techno Song
Chiptune Monsters Techno Song
8-Bit Through The Fire Techno Song
8-Bit These Walls Techno Song
Beautiful Mess~FOF Classic Rock Song
Ocean~Fear Of Flying General Rock Song
Amnesia~Fear Of Flying General Rock Song
The Fall~Fear Of Flying General Rock Song

2010 Submissions

Final Man Ambient Song

2009 Submissions

Syainth Techno Song
Final Front Ambient Song
Sorry Man Blues Song
Rave save Techno Song
Creepy Halloween Trance Song
Mesonino Trance Song
montagey Techno Song
Rave of the new Wave Techno Song